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Over the years the store has changed quite a bit. Through growth and expansion we’ve been able to keep up with the ever changing needs of the professional farrier. As a customer of Horseshoes Plus there are a number of things which you will be able to count on. These include:

A service level that is unrivaled in the industry. 

From our direct delivery routes, to our "the customer is always right" attitude, you will find Horseshoes Plus, Inc. offers the best service available.

A dedication to the betterment of the farrier field. 

Horseshoes Plus, Inc. is committed to giving back to this industry which has welcomed us so warmly. From the two annual clinics (third Saturday of March and third Saturday of September), to the contributions we make to farrier educational activities, and the research we conduct to bring new or improved products to our customers, you will find a genuine commitment to the support and advancement of the farrier field.

A well-stocked inventory and candid information. 

From our commitment to maintaining a well-diversified inventory to meet your many farrier needs, to our special ordering when there is something you want that is not in stock, and to our candid explanation when something is out of stock, you will always know what you can expect in your order. You will never receive unexplained partial orders or substitute products from Horseshoes Plus, Inc.

A commitment to value-pricing. 

Every price at Horseshoes Plus, Inc. is carefully considered before it is set. While all of our prices are competitive, they are established to reflect the value of product quality and the service behind the sale. You may find lower or higher prices elsewhere but you won’t find our price-service combination.

Guaranteed satisfaction.

At Horseshoes Plus, Inc. we stand behind every product we sell. If a product fails to perform according to expectations, we take all reasonable steps to insure your satisfaction whether that entails replacing the product or refunding your money.

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