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Horseshoes Plus is a farrier supply store located in Barrington, New Hampshire. We would like to thank you for visiting our website. Hopefully this will help guide you through some of the things that we can offer you.

This site is not meant to replace a person to person experience, in fact we encourage people to call or stop in as often as possible. Please take a moment to look things over and call with any questions or comments.

There are a couple very important things to note before going much further. If you are in New England, please call to find out if you are in one of our free direct delivery routes. Also we can't guarantee the site is updated every time there is a price change, so please call for the most current prices and inventory levels.



Bruce, Jackie and Rob

quality supplier

same day shipping

commitment to value


You and your fellow farriers are the very heart of our business and we never lose sight of that fact. In everything we do and in the way that we do it, we endeavor to ensure that your needs are satisfied and that you feel good about doing business with us.

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Our store is located right off NH Route 9, just a little west of the intersection of route 125 and 9.  Our town, just like our store, is worth a day's visit.  Please feel free to call us for directions.

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